​​​​Zero Thermal

 ​A Patented Crypto Biotic Visco Elastomeric Polymer and Technology

​Advanced Polymer Chemistry, and Technology.

Oceans Technology Group offers full sales and technical support.    Zero Thermal™ (ZT)is an organic polymer and technology derived from algae media. The patented technological breakthrough is the discovery of molecular bio-mineralization, which is the process of how an oyster forms a Pearl, a near perfect composite formed from silica.
Zero Thermal™ (ZT) can be used in over 135 applications in industry and is considered a disruptive Nano technology, and is a space age polymer that enables the formation of other minerals or hybrid composites.  

More Than Just a Polymer. 
It is a Discovery of Molecular Biomineralization.

Zero Thermal,  a Crypto Biotic Visco Elastomeric Polymer

Unlike other polymers, this space age polymer is a game changing patented disruptive technology which can be applied to over 135 segments of industry.    Zero Thermal is a Liquid Polymer and Additive, with a USDA 68% Organic Certification under ASTM D-6866-12.   The technology is considered a Nano Technology as it works at a molecular level in forming covalent bonds.   More importantly Zero Thermal allows the ability of a Plasticizer and Elastomer in one additive, allowing for the sharing of multiple attributes.

These are some of the Polymer's attributes and advantages: ​​
·         Patented Technology
·         Made in the United States
·         Fully Sustainable and Green Technology
·         A Biotic Visco-Elastomeric Polymer
·         A Plasticizer, and Elastomer in-One
·         Thermal Transfer Resistance to up to approx. 1600 Degree F.
·         Highly resistant to corrosion, acids, chemicals and sulfates
·         Technology is Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic
·         Superior Anti-UV Properties
·         Anti-Mold and Mildew
·         Works Molecularly, Forms Covalent Bonds
·         Forms monolithic structures and repairs

The subject of biomineralization encompasses a range of diverse disciplines including molecular biology, supramolecular chemistry, materials science and engineering. Utilizes strategies from nature to create functional materials.  By understanding nature's tools to make strong materials, such as how an Oyster forms a Pearl, similar properties can now be endowed into man-made materials through Zero Thermal™.  
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​Full Technical Bench Test & Field Pilot Support

We offer full technical support for all clients with interest in a planned evaluation and for all bench or lab testing,
as well as field pilots with interested manufacturers for specific available segments.

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